Our Parents 

Parents are the one who gives us everything we want. Parents gives us unlimited love. For me they are the one’s who make me laugh, make me smile,make me happy. They gives me everything which I  want and which is good . They sometimes tries to avoid the things which are not appropriate for me. When they do so I become a little sad but then I think that there may be some reason behind it. Whatever the situations is , my parents always be there with me. I really love my parents.  

They are my world . And I think that for every child his or her parents are very very important. Like a tree saves  the plants under it from fierce sunlight  throughout his life, parents also protects their children throughout their life. I as a child request all the peope who read this blog to take care of their parents and respect them . 

Our parents are the one because of which we are alive today. They are the one because of which we are on this earth. Our parents serves us throughout their life then we must also take care of them and respect them . I am 13 years old  but understand the importance of my parents and i wish that everyone in this world must.If u like my thoughts then please let me know. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺and respect your parents. ……….


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