A pet 

I think that the people who have a pet are the luckiest people because they can share their sadness, happiness, and every feeling with them. Though humans understand each other or not but a pet always understand its master. I think animals and books are the best friends of man. According to me one must always care for his / her pet as they also have feelings inside them. They also feel happy ,sad and  even miserable. We must care for everyone either humans or animals.

When I was 5 ,I asked my mum that i want a pet . That time  I was very small to take care of it . That’s why my mum refused.  Time passed and  I forgot about it . I was very much involved with studies and other activities. 

When I became 11 , I again asked my mum that i want a pet . This time also my luck was not with me . My brother had allergy with animal smell. I still have a hope that a time will come when i will have a pet. Have a good day……….☺


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