Life is a combination of a lot of feelings, a lot of emotions and a lot of situations. A day ago when I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop , I saw a pigeon and his small baby playing together on a roof top quiet far away. The parent moved towards the younger one and the younger one started moving back . Suddenly the baby fell down. When I got there I saw that the baby died 😔.

That time i learned a lesson . Life is not permanent , LIVE it with peace and friendliness with all humans as well as other living beings. I hope this short experience might help any person to make right decisions.
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Dance : a way to represent expressions 


 D…discipline                           A…attitude                                                  N…new                                        C…confidence                      E…expression                                

Dance is the way to express the feelings , emotions and each single movement of music. There is a variety of dances all over the world. It incudes contemporary, hip hop, classical, semi classical, Jazz, kathakali , bharatnatyam ,satriya ,tuttix ,etc. Dance is all about the 5 things mentioned above ….

Real dance is that dance which makes the audience feel every single movement and which appeals to them so strongly to dance that their feet starts tapping themselves.  
Music and dance are closely related to each other.  They both helps to express feelings & emotions . 

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Art is a physical practice which makes us mentally happy.

Art is a thing which makes me forget about my problems. While painting I feel that I’m into some other world other than the real one. When i made my first painting I didn’t knew that one day I’ll be fond of it. Art teaches us many things . It teaches us how to adjust with things and people unlike us . Two colours blend with each other in such a way that it appear as if they were never separate. 

The world of art us amazing. Each colour has its own importance. The colour of plants is as important as the colour of the soil in which they grow . It teches us to respect every single thing . Even Kabir Das (an indian saint who expressed the way of living through his dohas ) said that we must never disrespect anything , not even the small part or dry grass which comes under our feet because that small part when enters our eye , causes a lot of pain . We must never underestimate anyone . 

Each person has its own capabilities, choises and specialties . Its is not necessary that a person who is not good in some things is of no use and can only create non sense. 

Art teaches us may things which can be useful to us in order to live a good life. 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 now i would like to share some of my paintings. …….

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A pet 

I think that the people who have a pet are the luckiest people because they can share their sadness, happiness, and every feeling with them. Though humans understand each other or not but a pet always understand its master. I think animals and books are the best friends of man. According to me one must always care for his / her pet as they also have feelings inside them. They also feel happy ,sad and  even miserable. We must care for everyone either humans or animals.

When I was 5 ,I asked my mum that i want a pet . That time  I was very small to take care of it . That’s why my mum refused.  Time passed and  I forgot about it . I was very much involved with studies and other activities. 

When I became 11 , I again asked my mum that i want a pet . This time also my luck was not with me . My brother had allergy with animal smell. I still have a hope that a time will come when i will have a pet. Have a good day……….☺

Our Parents 

Parents are the one who gives us everything we want. Parents gives us unlimited love. For me they are the one’s who make me laugh, make me smile,make me happy. They gives me everything which I  want and which is good . They sometimes tries to avoid the things which are not appropriate for me. When they do so I become a little sad but then I think that there may be some reason behind it. Whatever the situations is , my parents always be there with me. I really love my parents.  

They are my world . And I think that for every child his or her parents are very very important. Like a tree saves  the plants under it from fierce sunlight  throughout his life, parents also protects their children throughout their life. I as a child request all the peope who read this blog to take care of their parents and respect them . 

Our parents are the one because of which we are alive today. They are the one because of which we are on this earth. Our parents serves us throughout their life then we must also take care of them and respect them . I am 13 years old  but understand the importance of my parents and i wish that everyone in this world must.If u like my thoughts then please let me know. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺and respect your parents. ……….

Music………..the best way to represent feelings 

Today I wanna tell u a secret of mine …. I often share my feelings  with myself by singing when I’m alone. This really gives me a lot of relief .

 I believe that with music any one can express feelings in the best way. I love to sing . 

My friends often gets bored when I sing as they don’t have any interest in music. But for me it’s the best way of calming anyone. It’s the best way to apologise . At times music can also save anyone’s life.

 I don’t wanna streach this anymore as I know that it will bore u if it’ll be lenthy. This is from the bottom of my heart so plz  let me know if u like it………………….☺☺☺💟☺☺☺


Ohhh!this is really a magical word. When a little child says sorry to anyone his or her Heart fills up with love and softness for the child.

 Even if any one says this word to its parents they also forgives their  child no matter how much their child had grown up. 

This word can save many lives and can even destroy lives if not said . 

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The Great Himalyan Mountains

I am an Indian and as a part of India I know that how much  the himalayas are important for us.
The taller mountains protect us from the cold siberian winds that comes from the north and tries to enter India but are stopped by the himalayas . The himalayas acts like barriers to protect India from these siberian winds. The permanent rivers flowing there are the only source of water to the people living there . The population in these areas is less  .They are also rich in flora and fauna. Many species of birds and animals are found there. They have pastures for livestock rearing.

The scenic beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. Tourists really enjoys living in these areas.  Many adventurous sports like rafting and para gliding are there.

People living there wear a different type of clothes than the people in other parts of India wear. They are also know the hilly area language.

But sometimes the temperature decrease so much that the people who live there are not able to get thier daily needs such as bread, vegetables, etc . Sometimes  they have to face disasters like landslide and overflow of rivers. Some of them also loose their lives during these disasters.

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